How to Make a YouTube Video

There is so much noise out in the world today, that we can easily feel overwhelmed or confused about what content to consume, who we should listen to or what steps we should take next for our business!

In this blog post I’m going to be sharing with you follow-along-steps to creating a video for YouTube!

Step 1: Do your research

– Get your creative juices flowing by looking up what video you would like to create! If you’re going to film a video called “how to sell your home in 30 days,” make sure to search for that video title in the YouTube search bar so that you can see who has the highest ranking video/channel regarding that topic. It might even be helpful to watch their video to see why people seem to like it so much. You could find ways to stand out from the competition if you look into what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.

Step 2: Create an SEO brief 

– Your brief should include intentional ideas for your video title that would really inspire someone to click & watch, a thorough description that you will use in the YouTube description box to explain what you’re video is all about, & several tag ideas to help you show up in search results. (Read more about tags here.)

Step 3: Write your script 

– Start your script with an intro stating who you are & what you do. Continue into your main talking points/content. It’s super helpful to include bullet-points so that it’s easier for you to remember while recording! After you’re finished with the main content, lead into your outro but remember to include a call to action & remind your viewers to like, comment & subscribe!

Step 4: Film 

– Ready, Set, Action! Time to film your video. Find a private space where you won’t be interuppted while recording. A helpful tip is to remember to face the light! You don’t want to be standing in front of a window or door. You want to be in front of them! You can choose to either film your video in smaller clips/bullet points and then string all the clips together during editing OR film your video straight through your script. Totally up to you!

Step 5: Edit 

– Editing can be the most time consuming part of this process so make sure you block off a chunk of time during your day to get it just right. IMOVIE is a very popular editing software for beginners & Canva is a great site to use for graphics!

Step 6: Review 

– After the editing process if finished, watch your video from beginning to end. This will help you catch any mistakes or see where some adjustments need to be made. Proofing is so important!

Step 7: Design your thumbnail 

– Canva is a great site to design your YouTube thumbnails. Make sure your thumbnail stands out because remember, you want people to click on your video! This is your chance to grab their attention!

Step 8: Upload to YouTube 

– Now it’s time to upload your hard work to the internet! This is also where you’ll upload your thumbnail, write out your title, tags & description.

Step 9: Share on Social Media 

– Don’t stop after your video is on your channel! Share that hard work with your friends & family all over your social media accounts!

Step 10: Engage 

– Be sure to reply to comments & answer any questions that people leave you! This will drive up your engagement rate!

I hope this content inspires you to continue to build a business or brand that you love!

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene