What you need to know before starting on YouTube


Have you been considering uploading videos to YouTube but aren’t quite sure where to begin?

I’m in that same place right now too! I have my YouTube Channel created & ready to go, but I haven’t taken that final leap towards putting out consistent content.

I just finished going through a business course that has definitely made me want to show up in the YouTube space.

In this blog post, I thought I would share with you some of the super helpful tips I’ve been learning about YouTube to help build your confidence about uploading videos to YouTube. I’m sure we’ll both have an amazing channel in no time if we apply this information intentionally!



To make YouTube videos the right way, we first have to recognize that yes, there is competition on YouTube. In fact, 400 hours worth of video content is uploaded every minute to the platform! BUT – most people are doing it WRONG & aren’t taking advantage of a lot of the gaps in certain industries where there is huge opportunity for us to creep in with our video and rank high in search.

When starting off on YouTube, we need to treat it like a business from day one.

Think of it like a part-time job. If you casually showed-up whenever you felt like it, pretty inconsistently, you’d more than likely get fired. From the very first day you upload a video you need to be consistent and make it a responsibility in your life.

The second piece of advice is to just start!

Have the information you need in your head to succeed, but don’t wait until you have a fancy camera, the right lighting equipment or the perfect backdrop. All you truly need is a great video idea & someone to hit record.

Third, remember that YouTube is a science.

(This one really stands out to me!) There are specific formulas that if you follow, can actually get you the results you want in the first place. Examples would be search volume vs search pull & views vs velocity!

Fourth, retention is everything.

You want people who come to your channel to watch your videos beginning to end. When you have high retention rates it lets Google & YouTube know that you’ve produced quality content & people want to watch your video, therefore ranking your video higher in search! In order to drive up your retention rates, it’s important to tease your audience at the beginning of the video to tell them WHY they should stick around until the end. Many newbies on YouTube start out by teaching something specific in a step-by-step learning video because it encourages viewers to stay around until the end so that they can learn the whole entire process that you’re teaching!

Fifth, at the end of our videos we need to include two types of call-to-actions!

The first is a conversion call-to-action which could be “don’t forget to subscribe for my unique monthly newsletter through the link in the description box below!” The second call-to-action we need to include is the engagement call-to-action! This is all about your YouTube SIGNALS; likes, comments & shares! We need to remind our audience to like our video, leave us a comment & share it with friends!



You guys, video is super powerful & we shouldn’t waste anymore time sitting on the sidelines when there is a game to be played.

I say let’s take all of this information and go create a killer YouTube Video for our channel.

Your Friend,
Madyson Greene