Should I offer 1:1 coaching or group coaching?

Are you working on establishing your coaching offers?

Are you trying to decide if you should work with clients 1:1 style or in a group setting?

In this blog post, I will be sharing some of the pros and cons of both options that way you can make the best decision for where your coaching business is currently at and for where you want to take it into the future.

About 1:1 coaching…

– Working with someone privately allows you to focus solely on the individual in front of you. You are customizing your sessions to their wants and needs. You are focusing on the results they want to achieve and the struggles they are personally experiencing. 1:1 coaching is usually a higher ticket cost because of how personalized it is and because the client is getting your full time and attention. These sessions are usually hosted on a video conferencing platform and some high ticket coaches even require a potential client to fill out an application to see if they qualify for 1:1 coaching or not. You meet with your client individually week by week for however many weeks they booked for or what program they signed up for. Some coaches also include additional features in their coaching offers like “voxer communication support” in between the weekly sessions.

You could charge your 1:1 clients by the hour. (Ex: $300/an hour)

You could charge your 1:1 clients by the program. (Ex: $2,500 for 6 wk program)

You could charge your 1:1 clients by a set rate. (Ex: $6,000 to help you achieve X)

Some people might prefer private coaching because they don’t want anyone else besides their coach to know certain things about their life/business or their goals, fears, struggles (etc…) They could be introverted and not want to meet or see new people. They might have a tight, demanding schedule and want to get down to business on what they sought you out for.

About group coaching…

– Working with clients in a group setting allow you to work with more people in less time. Group coaching is usually cheaper than what you would charge to a private client because you are able to take on so many more people without sacrificing more time in your day. You might have small group coaching of 4 to 8 people or maybe you want to have large group coaching audiences of 10 to even 20 people. You can choose your “cap” or your limit per group. Usually you are presenting material relevant to the group program that these individuals signed up to be apart of. (Ex: 6 weeks to a better marriage program or 1 month goal setting program.) These group calls are usually still hosted on a video conferencing platform and you present the material and allow time for Q&A. People could speak up during the calls or they could sit and observe. Unlike private coaching where they might have payed per session, in a group coaching program there is usually a one time fee they pay to join in. You may offer payment plan options if it is a higher ticket cost (+1,000). You might offer a private Facebook group for all the participants to join as they go through your program.

Some people might prefer group coaching because it is more affordable. They can learn from what other people share on the call/with the group. They could watch the replays if you record the group sessions. They may be extroverted and love the idea of meeting new people in a similar season/stage of life/business.

(BONUS) About course coaching…

– I wanted to mention course coaching because this is becoming more and more popular in the coaching industry. I am referring to coaching your ideal clients without having to actually get on private or group calls with them. It is becoming popular to create evergreen coaching content for your ideal clients to purchase and work through on their own. You might create a 6 week marriage program but have all the material/sessions pre-recorded. You then use a hosting platform for your program/course and people can purchase it for X set price and go through it on their own time. You do the work in advance, find a way to market what you create and then make recurring revenue from it.


What do you currently offer in your coaching business?

Do you prefer private, group or course coaching?

Drop a comment below, including any questions you may have on this topic.

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene