How to pin Instagram post comments

The Instagram app is constantly improving & rolling out new updates.

Recently, “pinned comments” were pushed out for people too start utilizing to moderate their post comments better.

Pinning comments is a clever way to casually incentivize for your other followers to jump into the conversation and engage with your content farther.

Let’s say you made a post promoting your home staging services.

Then one of your past clients comments on the same post saying, “I loved having Sally Sue come to my home & decorate my living room! I get compliments from all our guests!”

That comment is super valuable to your credibility.

You could choose to pin that comment to the top of the comment section for increased visibility & interaction.

Instagram has set a comment pinning limit of three. So choose three favorites that can be an asset to personal connection & professional credibility!

In this blog post, I want to show you a step-by-step tutorial for pinning your post comments.

Step 1: Go to your Instagram Profile

Step 2: Choose the relevant post with comment(s) you want to pin

Step 3: Find the comment(s) you want to pin


Step 4: Swipe to the left over top of the comment you want to pin

Step 5: Click on the thumbtack icon

(*Keep in mind that the account/individual who’s comment you are about to pin will get a notification that you pinned their comment!)


Step 6: Click on pin comment to confirm

Step 7: View the top of your comment section to see your chosen pins

Bonus: Also, if you wanted to unpin a comment, you would simply swipe left again & retap the thumbtack icon.


This new Instagram feature is a valuable asset to increasing your engagement & post notability!

Are you going to start pinning comments on your posts?

Your friend,
Madyson Greene