Positive replacements for successful entrepreneurs

It is no surprise that successful individuals do both life & business differently than the majority.

Successful individuals continuously invest into their personal & professional growth.

In this blog post, I want to share with you eight replacements you can start implementing to put yourself on a committed, positive path of growth that will improve both your life & business.

1.) Replace watching TV with watching online trainings

– Instead of binge watching Netflix in the evenings, start off by replacing an episode or two with a valuable online training. Have you bought a course that you haven’t finished? Now is a great time to work through the program. Is there a mentor that you love to learn from? Have you watched their recent content uploads? Is there a specific topic you want to learn more on? Now is a great time to educate yourself. I’m not saying you can’t watch Netflix. I’m saying be intentional with how much Netflix you are watching and choose to use some of your time more constructively.

2.) Replace listening to the news with listening to a podcast episode

– No news is good news! Turn off the drama, the fear & the uncertainty. We need you at your best if you want to increase both your impact & income! Let’s choose to listen to a podcast interview to get our day started instead of the reporters. I’ve seen a statistic that there are over 500,000 active podcasts on iTunes. I am sure you can find a host with content you enjoy! You can also listen to our DropMock Podcast here.

3.) Replace getting feedback from friends with getting support from a coach

– Though your friends may love & want to support you, they probably aren’t in the same industry that you are, they might not be committed to growth like you & they don’t know how to accomplish the type of goals that you have for your life & business. This is where a coach comes into play. You hire a coach to help you get where you want to go and become the person you want to be. Feedback from family & friends can have it’s place, but you will find more constructive help from hiring a coach personal to your goals.

4.) Replace working at your office desk with working outside on the patio

– As we’re busy building our online brands, we tend to stay in one place day after day! However, during the warm summer weather, I would encourage you to work on your porch. When it gets super hot in the afternoon, then you can move back to an indoor desk. You won’t mind being in the fresh air with beautiful scenery around working to create a life & business you love!

5.) Replace consuming social media content with creating social media content

– Now that you’re working towards building a strong online presence, you have to switch from being a consumer of social media to being a creator on social media. If you find yourself scrolling the platforms, make sure to determine if you’ve posted across social for the day or are you procrastinating on it and have you been engaging with the content you’re seeing, yes or no. It is important that you stay active online, but it must be constructive. Even if you’re scrolling somewhere like Instagram, make the effort to like the content, leave comments & share/save the posts.

6.) Replace working in your pajamas with freshening up in presentable attire

– Don’t be tempted to go back to bed when there are people counting on you to show up for your life & business today! A highlight of working from home is that you do get to be your own boss. You can totally wear comfy clothes if that’s what you want to rock. However, I will encourage you to take the intentional time to freshen up in a nice outfit more often than you stay in pajamas. It will help you stay focused on the day’s mission instead of on getting back in bed.

7.) Replace your envy of a high status individual with admiration for their success

– Do you find yourself constantly judging your content to a high status individual’s online? Are you comparing yourself as a business owner to their high status self? I believe that comparison can be a powerful tool to push us towards action. When we are envious of someone it is usually because we see they have something that we want in our own personal or professional life. I would encourage you to begin shifting your perspective towards gratitude that there is someone you look up to online & you could see yourself in their shoes with enough intentional action. Also, begin interacting with this person’s content. Leave comments, watch their videos, buy their programs (ex…). Use them as a mentor!

8.) Replace your overwhelm with a sense of clarity

– Take out a fresh sheet of paper & create a knock it out list for today & for this week. Create one for personal & one for professional use. No need to procrastinate because you feel overwhelmed. We can start developing a sense of clarity when we get smart about what demands our attention & effort.

Are you going to make a change using one of these listed replacements?

Let me know in the comments below which one you want to begin implementing!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene