Three things a powerful entrepreneur does

An entrepreneur can be technically defined as, “a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.” – Merriam Webster 

I believe & have seen that entrepreneurs are so much more than that casual definition.

When I hear “entrepreneur,” my mind instantly thinks of…

Achiever. Innovator. Creative. World Changer. Hard Work. Determination. Results. Service. Finances. Leader.

What words come to your mind?

You see, entrepreneurs are not employees.

We do not have the same mindset, lifestyle or desires as a 9-to-5 employee.

We want to achieve big things. We have a desire to create. We want to better the world around us.

Most entrepreneurs have an admirable work ethic because they are so passionate and believe in the work they are doing.

Entrepreneurs want to see tangible results, serve others well & be a leader in their industry.

In this blog post, I want to share with you 3 things that all powerful entrepreneurs have in common.

If you desire to start or grow a business & lifestyle that you love, this will help you lay a rock solid foundation to build off of.

Or, if you are an employee & you want to embrace attributes of an entrepreneur in order to level-up in the work you do, this is also for you!

1.) Powerful entrepreneurs are passionate.

– Loving the work you do & how it’s improving the world will be what wakes you up in the morning & motivates you to put in the hard work to get your results. You must have a passion for the products or services that you are creating for other people to experience! People are attracted to passion. Let the world see it!

2.) Powerful entrepreneurs take uncomfortable risks

– You must say yes to getting outside of your comfort zone consistently. Whether that’s by attending a networking event in your community, testing a new marketing idea, elevator pitching your business or launching something brand new – you will learn the most valuable lessons when you are in un-chartered waters.

3.) Powerful entrepreneurs are always leveling-up

– Invest into the business owner of your dreams. What type of man or woman do you want to live & work as? Invest into yourself by taking care of your physical health. Read personal growth books. Attend leadership conferences. Hire a coach. Take time off. Can’t elevate yourself if you don’t take care of yourself.

What else would you add to this list of what a powerful entrepreneur does? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to share this post on Facebook with your other ambitious friends!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene