How to repurpose your LIVE stream

Would you like to have more content available for your ideal clients/customers to consume?

Would you like to have more content available with less time and energy?

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the individual steps for repurposing your LIVE stream into other video content.


Step One: Find your LIVE stream replay via your FB business page and pull it up.

Step Two: Click on the three dot icon in the right corner. Click on download video, the fourth option on the dropdown menu.

Step Three: Another screen might appear next. If so, click on the download button in the bottom right corner.

Step Four: Now, your replay will be downloaded to your computer. Rename the file and save it to your desktop.

Step Five: Now, you can take your downloaded replay video and repurpose it across other social platform, like YouTube. Click on the upload video button in the top right corner of the YouTube homepage.


If your video is less than ten minutes in length, you can also upload the content to your IGTV channel on Instagram. You could upload the content via desktop but it usually works better if you AirDrop (or Google Drive) the content to your phone and upload it from the mobile IGTV app.

Also, you can use a software like iMovie to strip the audio from your LIVE stream replay to use as a podcast episode. I’ll show you how (on iMovie) in the photos below.


Step One: Click on the upload button then choose your desired video content from the dropdown menu.

Step Two: This is what should show on your screen. (Also, the upload button for the video is that down pointing arrow, three buttons over from the green circle.)

Step Three: Click on the “Titles” tab and then select drag and drop the “Expand” option into the editor.

Step Four: Now, drag your uploaded video down into the editor. It should fall right under the title you added from the previous step and it’ll probably just be the audio that gets dragged & dropped.

Step Five: Drag the “Title”  (the purple bar) all the way to the right of your screen. You want it to be the length of the green bar.

(PS: If you want to add podcast intro/outro music this is the best time to do that.)

Step 6: Click on file in the top left corner. Then from the dropdown menu, click on share and then click on file.

Step 7: Finally, rename the file and make sure the format says “audio only.” Click on next so that it exports and saves to your desktop.

Now your audio file should be on your desktop and can be uploaded to the podcast platform of your choice!

Happy editing!


To learn more about repurposing content, read this other blog post.

Producing Proud People,

Madyson Green