How to resize your videos for social media

It’s vitally important that you are utilizing the power of video in your online marketing strategy.

Creating video content to share across your social media platforms will help you create strong know, like & trust with your ideal customers or clients.

In this blog post, I want to teach you how you can resize your video content for the various social media platforms you want to post on.

If you haven’t noticed before, video posts look best on your social media profiles when you use the graphic dimensions that are relevant to that specific platform.

I’m going to show you the tool I use to create video graphics & how to set it up for the platform of your choice.

On my Apple laptop, the tool I am about to mention was already pre-installed onto my device. Check your launchpad & applications to find it on yours. If you don’t have an Apple laptop, I am sure you can find something similar available to download that is best for your brand of device.

Step 1: Open KeyNote

Step 2: Choose a theme. I personally go with the “white” option.

Step 3: Click “document” in the top right corner. We need to change the layout dimensions for the platform we are going to be posting on.

Step 4: Find the “slide size” box and drop down to the option “custom slide size.”

Here are the best sizes for various social media platforms…

Instagram: (if your video is less than one minute) 1080×1080

Facebook: (I have always used the same as IG for feed posts) 1080×1080 or 940×788

IGTV: (if your video is over one minute in length) 1080×1920
– If you want your IGTV to show on your IG feed best, you will also have to focus the video itself to the middle of the graphic screen and be pretty precise with your outline text & logo. It usually takes me two or three editing attempts before I get the sizing just right!

Step 5: Take your edited & trimmed up video from your desktop & drag and drop it into the slide. Move it to the center of the design.

Step 6: Click on “format” in the top right corner & “text” at the top center. Add in a relevant video description.

Step 7: Using the text menu bar that should have appeared, change the text font, colors & size to match with your brand the best. (Remember, if you are making this for IGTV, it could take several attempts to get the sizing just right for your feed preview!)

Step 8: Go to “file” & “export to” in the top left hand corner. Click the “movie” option.

Step 9: On the “export your presentation” menu, make sure your settings match up to the photo featured below.

Step 10: Export your video & post online!

I hope this tutorial is super helpful & pushes you to continue creating great content to grow your online brand.

Your friend,
Madyson Greene