How to run a successful social media giveaway

If you are looking for a creative way to boost your brand’s awareness & credibility and gather new followers or leads, a social media giveaway could be the next best step for your business.

In this blog post, you will find out how you can run your first successful social media giveaway.

I love giveaways because it’s such a smart marketing move. It allows you to advertise who you are & what you do without sounding very salesy or spamsy!

Here is what we need to do for our first social media giveaway.

1.) Decide on a desired outcome

– What is your end goal with the giveaway? Are you trying to get a certain amount of new followers? Spread brand awareness? Grow engagement rates? Get people on your email list? Promote something new?

2.) Pick your platform(s)

– Do you want to run this giveaway on Facebook or Instagram? How about both? Will you have one winner no matter how many platforms you use or a giveaway per platform you utilize? Decide where the giveaway is going to be hosted!

3.) Research said platform(s) rules about giveaways

– For example, on Facebook you are suppose to specify that they are not endorsing your giveaway. I will link to where you can find out this important information for both FB & IG.

Facebook giveaway info.

Instagram giveaway info.

4.) Decide on what you’re going to giveaway & how someone will receive said thing(s)

– What is someone going to win? Are they entering for a chance to win a free copy of your book? A $20 giftcard? A free session? A gift box? Once you decide on the what, you need to focus on the how. Are you mailing these things to them? Are you sending the money through PayPal? How are you scheduling that free session? It’s so important to know this before you put out information about your giveaway!

5.) Pick your start & end dates

– How long does your giveaway go for? Can people enter for only 24 hours? Will you keep this giveaway running for the full work week? You’ll need to choose when you are going to pick the winner.

6.) Decide on giveaway requirements

– What does somebody need to do for an “entry” in your giveaway? Do they tag 3 friends in the comments? Share it to their Facebook timeline? Post it on their stories? Comment something specifically? Answer a question? Sign up for your email list?

7.) Create graphics for giveaway announcement

– Film a short video, take a photo or design a graphic that you will post to announce the giveaway. Be sure that the caption includes all of the previous information we have talked about above!

Okay, now that you have this powerful advice on making sure your business giveaway is a super fun success – be sure to take fast action & execute on setting yours up!

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Your friend,
Madyson Greene