What are sales tiers?

What you do must be financially profitable to be a business.

We make money in our business by selling our product(s) and/or service(s) consistently.

Usually the more of an impact your brand is making, the more income you’re making.

Meaning, the more you SERVE, the better you can SELL.

In this blog post, I want to chat about sales tiers & why it’s important to have different ways people in your community can buy from or work with you.

Sales tiers divide your individual product(s) and/or service(s) by their cost from highest to lowest, lowest to highest.

There is value in having more than one offer for your ideal client or customer to choose from!

Think about this…

Someone in your community might not need a scarf, but they needs gloves.

Someone might not need a video to post, but they need a graphic to share.

Someone might not need 1:1 coaching, but they need group coaching.

Think about this…

Not everyone in your community has the same financial situation!

Sure, someone might have $500 to spend but someone else could have just $50 to spend.

Whether they have the $500 or the $50 of spending money available, the people who love who you are & what you do are going to want to give their money to you in exchange for something you offer. But if you don’t have an offer suitable for the majority of people in your community, they’re going to go spend that money elsewhere instead of where they really wanted or thought about spending it – with you.

However, maybe you are set that you only want to sell your product(s) or service(s) to people who meet certain demographic qualifications.

For example, maybe you only want to sell your scarves, videos or coaching to men or women of a certain age and stage of life that you know have a certain income. This is totally your decision as the business owner/CEO!

However, if someone loves who I am & what I do, I want to have opportunities for them to buy from my brand both the person with $50 and the person with $500.

Sale Tiers Examples…

Tier 1: High Ticket Offers

– These are your products & services that cost more than what most people would carry around in their wallet.

Usually four-figure costs ($1,000+) are considered a high ticket offer.

Tier 2: Standard Ticket Offers

– These are your products & services that could cost approximately three figures, ($100-$500.)

Tier 3: Low Ticket Offers

– These are your products & services that could cost approximately under $100, think price tags of $27, $47, $97.

Tier 4: Free Offers

– These are your incentives & offers that provide value to your community free of financial obligation. Usually in time people who love your free offers/content will move up a tier and begin to pay money for your value.

To wrap up this blog post, I want to use the example of a social media manager to break down what their Sale Tiers might look like for their ideal clients.

Tier 1: $5,000 / Six Month Social Media Mastermind

Tier 2: $500 / One Month of Social Media Posts/Postings

Tier 3: $30 Guide for Facebook LIVE Streaming

Tier 4: FREE Social Media Checklist

I hope this is a helpful blog post & gets you thinking about your own sale tiers & current offers!

Be Proud, 
Madyson Greene