How to sell your offer

Do you want to increase your business revenue?

In order to accomplish that goal, you would have to a) book more clients for your service(s) or b) sell more of your product(s).

You will need to SELL YOUR OFFER.

How much booking or selling needs to be done is dependent on the exact monetary increase you would like to generate for your business.

For example, let’s say you want to increase this months revenue by $1,000.

Your service is $200. Therefore, you would need to get extra bookings.

Let’s say you want to increase this months revenue by $500.

Your product is $47. Therefore, you would need sell 11 extra product.

In this blog post, I will be sharing how you can sell your particular offer, whether that be a product or service.

1.) Demonstrate Your Product/Service

– Let’s say you sell makeup in an MLM company & they are running a great deal on mascara. Instead of simply making a post saying “hey, if you need new mascara let me know” consider instead demonstrating what the particular on sale mascara can actually do for the woman wearing it. You could go LIVE on Facebook & physically demonstrate applying your company mascara to your lashes & compare it to a traditional store brand on your other eye. At the end of your video, you can casually mention that the viewers can purchase their own tube through a specific link of yours in the caption/comments if they want to have lashes that look like yours do on the video. The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing & this is a perfect example of that.

2.) Hype Up Your Product/Service

– Exchange your excitement with your ideal customers/clients. Let’s say you recently self-published your own book & you want to sell more copies. Next time you have physical copies of your book delivered to your home or office, film your reaction to unboxing the order. Perhaps even sign a copy or two while on camera. Show the viewers the cover of the book, mention what your favorite chapter is & heck even read a couple sentences aloud. People would love to hear the words straight from the author. That ties credibility and connection together. Then you can casually mention there is a link where they can purchase their own copy. You could also give the video viewers a special discount code as a thank you for watching.

3.) Show The Love Of Your Product/Service

– If you have a couple of past customer/client reviews, I encourage you to share those via video! You can talk about how you got connected with this customer/client & what made them decide to buy from or work with you. Maybe in the review it mentions your product “helps me save time.” Use that line to your advantage and talk about how what you offer can help the video viewers save their own time as well! What would make this idea even better is if you got a specific customer/client to do a video testimonial for you. They could share their unique experience using what you sell or heck even demonstrate how to use it/how they use it on a LIVE stream with you. Show how much your past customers/clients have buying your product or booking your service and that will inspire more people to buy/book.


Which idea will you be implementing to help sell your offer?

How have you sold your offer in the past? Has it worked successfully? Share it with us in the comments below.

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene