How to set up your video description box on YouTube

Do you get tired of typing out your video description with every upload?

Do you find it flat out annoying to copy & paste your social media links whenever you upload?

In this blog post, I’m going to show you a much simpler process that you only have to do once. If you do this, your video description box will be set up for success for your future video uploads.

Step One: Click on YouTube Creator Studio from the menu that will appear after clicking on your profile photo.

Step Two: Now at the creator studio, click on the settings from the left menu tab.

Step Three: From the settings menu that will appear, click on upload defaults.

Step Four: In the upload defaults tab, you’ll find the description box. The description is simply the information that appears underneath an uploaded YouTube Video.

Step Five: Your description will currently be blank. You have a max of 5,000 characters to use to fill in the relevant information you want available to the people who watch your video content. Think website info, social media links, email address, phone number, links to product sales, freebie pages or event information. Click save.

Step Six: Now, when you go to upload your next YouTube video, the information you just wrote & saved in the upload defaults will automatically appear in the description box of your video! I have over 11 pieces of information or links that I want to have in my description. Can you imagine having to write that out every time I upload? This saves so much time!

Is this going to make your entrepreneur workload simpler when it comes to video content?

I hope this was helpful! Do you like step by step tutorials? Let me know in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene