Tutorial: how to make a sharable video graphic

Repurposing your content is an effective way to create more in less time.

To learn the specifics of repurposing your online content, read our blog post on the topic here.

In this blog post, I will be sharing the individual steps for making a sharable video graphic.

This is specific for MacBook users and we will be using the Keynote software that should already be on your Apple computer.

A sharable video graphic looks something like this…

It is usually a sneak-peak clip of a longer video you have available elsewhere.

For example, let’s say you went LIVE on your Facebook business page and have downloaded the replay to upload onto your YouTube Channel.

Now you want your ideal clients/customers to go and watch that uploaded video on your YouTube Channel. So, you are going to show a one minute preview of the contents of that video to peak their interest.

This is what the sharable video graphic will do. You can post it on your Instagram feed or Facebook page promoting the new available video on your YouTube Channel.

Keep reading to learn how to create this piece of marketing material for your online brand.


Step one: Find & open the keynote software on your Mac

Step two: Select the white presentation option on the Keynote homepage

Step 3.1: This is what should appear on your screen.

Step 3.2: Click on the document tab in the top right corner of the screen

Step 4: Under the Slide Size category that is now available, click on the Custom Slide Size button from the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Add in the dimensions 1080×1080 and click okay.

Step 6.1: This is what should appear on your screen.

Step 6.2: Click on the format tab in the top right corner of the screen

Step 7: Click on the text boxes that are in the middle of screen and delete them from the graphic.

Step 8: Take your downloaded video and drop it into the center of your graphic and allow time to load. Organize your video to be center in the graphic.

Step 9: Click on the text tab in the center options menu. Write your desired title in the text box. Use the menu on the right hand side to change the text font, color and size. Add additional text if desired.

Step 10: Drag and drop your logo into the graphic, just like you did for the video. Move it to the bottom of your design.

Step 11: From the top left corner: click on file, export to, movie.

Step 12: Insert relevant information. Next slide & build should be at 0 seconds and the resolution should be at 1080p.

Step 13: Export to your desktop with a relevant title.

Step 14: Let the design render and save.

Step 15: Preview your finished design.


I hope this was a valuable blog post and that you repurpose your content and make your own sharable video graphic.

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Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene