Should you film your podcast?

Podcasts are the new blogging.

There’s a huge wave of new podcasts and podcasters on the rise. In fact, there are around 750,000 different shows for people to choose from!

In this blog post, I hope to give you some insight into the world of podcasting but most importantly, answer the question: “Should you film your podcast?”

Let’s dive in.

You might be thinking, what does filming a podcast even mean?

Podcasts are an audio style blog. You need a minimal amount of equipment – just yourself, a recording device & something to say. The content you record is uploaded to a podcasting platform and shared with your community!

Podcasting is convenient because it can be done anytime, anywhere when you really think about it! You could record podcasts in your pajamas in the living room because no one is seeing you – they’re only hearing you!

However, a couple top podcasters in the world have chosen to film themselves recording their podcast.

Here are some examples…

1.) Lewis Howes: The School Of Greatness

2.) Ed Mylett: The Ed Mylett Show

Creating consistent video content for your brand or business is essential to your online success! Podcasting provides extra, valuable content to your audience who are on podcasting platforms. But, what about your audience who watches YouTube more than listens to Itunes Podcasts?

That’s where filming yourself recording your podcast can come into play. It can give you extra video content that’s extremely valuable to specific platforms!

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Your friend,
Madyson Greene