How to show your clients you care

Do your clients feel cared for?

Are you showing genuine consideration? Are you giving them your best attention?

In this blog post, we will be sharing helpful tips on how you can show your clients you care about them!

1.) Remember what they share with you

– What has your client texted or emailed you about before? What did they mention on the last coaching call? Are you paying enough attention to what they say, remembering it and bringing it back up when relevant next time? Yes, you’re the expert and they hired you to help them with X, but the coaching calls aren’t about you. They are about that person who has paid you their hard earned money for the value they see in you. So on the calls, you shouldn’t just be talking. You should be listening to that client of yours and really considering what they’re sharing with you.

2.) Get back to them quickly

– If your client sends you an email, email them back promptly! If they text you, message them back! Did they leave a comment on a post/video of yours? Better respond back! Honestly, this goes for potential clients too. People who are in your corner of the internet supporting who you are & what you do, even if they haven’t made a financial investment yet. Communicating with them shows you care about them. It’s almost like saying “thank you for being here!”

3.) Give them your best attention

– Your paying clients come first. They are your main priority. Honestly, they are your most important business activity during the week. Keep in mind, people talk. Clients talk. Do you want them spreading good or bad news about what it was like to work with you and be your client? Your best attention goes to them. One the day you have a call with them, set aside time before the call to be at your best and most prepared for them. Don’t focus on anything but them during your session. They are paying for you & your time! This is their time to be with you. Not for you to be worrying about something else in the back of your mind.

4.) Provide your best value

– Continuing on from the previous advice, you’ll also want to provide your paying clients with your best value. Meaning, you are giving them the best of your strategies, the best of your stories, the best of your education/experience. You reserve a lot of your expertise for the individuals who pay you.

5.) Give them a gift/bonus/deal

– Consider sending your clients a gift card to get coffee. Write them a handwritten note/card and send it to them in the mail. Give them a financial discount on your next product/service offer. Give them extra time with you on a session, just because. Shout them out on your social media about their progress at/on X.


Also, consider what makes you feel cared for as a client/customer. What do you expect? What has been missing?

Use your positive or unfavorable personal experience to improve your customers/clients when they engage with you & your business!

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene