Behind the scenes of t-shirt photoshoot

Behind the Scenes: T-shirt Photoshoot

Read on to discover what  goes on behind the scenes during our T-shirt Photoshoot at the DropMock  HQ.

Behind the Scenes: T-shirt Photoshoot

IMG_7006T-shirt Photoshoot that will be used for the application. We invited some gorgeous models to our office and started early in the morning to prepare the set. One of the challenges that our photographers encountered that day is the lack of good sunlight as it was a bit gloomy even outdoors.


There were a couple of shots that we managed to get from our office as it offered great interior just perfect for backgrounds. While there is always help coming in from the LED’s, still most of the time, we would prefer natural lighting.

We love natural lighting as this will eliminate risks of producing noisy pictures and uneasy look of bland white LED’s. It makes the job of our graphics artist in post processing easier as well.

But no matter what the situation is, we always come up with a plan.

The photoshoot went on for the whole day. That very good length of time had allowed us to take about a thousand pictures that our team had yet to select from. All these will be subject for approval and only then will have to be post processed.

Here, please have a look of some raw shots submitted for post processing.

Our team had to be systematic about how we do batch processing to minimize errors and avoid redoing tasks. We are expecting more shoots to follow so the graphics team is also busy; ensuring batches of photos are processed accordingly.

One of the jobs of our graphic artists is to properly plot the plane coordinates essential for the developer’s programming. Notice that some of the t-shirts have some sort of wrinkles. Our staff has a procedure that meets the requirement of the developer to properly get the coordinates.

We will write another article about how we process the images and how we put them in them in to the application.

But for now, the graphics team is focused on producing very good quality pictures.

Behind The Scenes: Early MockUps Photoshoot

DropMock – Early MockUps Photoshoot

Our professional photographers had long been busy creating shotlists even before we start doing this blog. We have always thought of how we could have the best pictures essential for DropMock. Then, we have realized that there is no better way of doing that than considering what people like you need in the business.

Indoor shoot of mockup mugs
Mockup shoot in our studio. If the weather doesn’t favor what needs to be done outside, we resort into doing things under LED’s.


Notice that most of the shots we have first considered shooting are somewhat flat lays of devices like iPhone, Macbook Pro, and other computers.


Phones and computers have now become man’s essentials. These are now channels of information, communication and most of the time, means of getting things down. And this is so evident in almost all workplace.

Having said that, we have shot these mockups in offices, coffeeshops, and high-end locations to imitate scenarios in corporate ambiance and professional activities.

We understand that there are other means to display your brand. So we have thought of including mugs in the shoot. Likewise they are placed in various visually appealing places.

Check out these samples.

This is a mug we shot in the studio. The photographers used a blue construction paper as a backdrop.
This is a mug we shot in the studio. The photographers used a blue construction paper as a backdrop.


Mug mockup in an oragne background.
We have different mugs shot with different backgrounds. This is another mockup in an orange construction paper.


Mockup mug in a spotlight
Yes, it takes some time to put the mugs in a very good setup for photo-shoot. See how carefully we have placed a mockup in order under perfect lighting.

We also went outdoors to get some natural lighting. This was shot on a graphite tile just outside a museum.
We also went outdoors to get some natural lighting. This was shot on a graphite tile just outside a museum.

The goal in this stage is to make sure we have great photos to start working on. These photos are aimed at holding your brand and will go through series of image processing before handed over to the developer.

See these sneak peak photos of our graphic artists and photographers in action.