The three C’s of building an online brand

Do you want to create an online brand that has a community of ideal clients & customers who are raving fans of who you are personally & what you do professionally?

Do you want to establish yourself as an expert who offers valuable products/services?

In this blog post, I will be sharing three foundational necessities for building an online brand that is known, liked & trusted in your industry and loved by your ideal clients/customers.

1.) Connections

– Who are you connected to in your industry? What other (photographers) have you sent a DM/email to introducing yourself? Have you asked for their advice on how they have successfully done (X) online or offline?

Do you have other (photographer) friends that you can cheer on & hold accountable? Can you run ideas by one another? Can you attend business events together? Can you learn and be inspired from each other?

Personally, I have several online “coaching buddies.” I have found it valuable to be connected with other women who are building brands/coaching businesses. In fact, we get on regular ZOOM calls, I collaborate with them on classes or podcast interviews, we share & support each other’s social media content (ex…)

I also love that they “get” the struggles/situations I might be having as an entrepreneur/coach so I feel supported and understood. Then they can help me create good solutions by sharing from their own similar experiences!

There’s a quote that says: “networking success is not just about who you know, it’s also about who knows you.”

Get connected with people who are in similar seasons of business so you can grow together & offer mutual friendship and support but also don’t hesitate on getting connected with individuals who are father along in their journey & frankly, better than you currently are!

Next, are you really connected to the individuals in your own community?

Whether you have 60 or 600 people following you online, would you say you’ve connected with each one of them individually? What have you done/been doing to establish a better relationship & trust with them?

Have you sent regular video viewers a personal message introducing yourself? Have you had fun & shown appreciation by doing a community giveaway? Do you follow them back on social media? Do they know about you personally, not just you as a professional?

It has been said that connections = cash! Do the people who follow you know you?

2.) Content

– I have said this before and I’ll say it here again, I do not trust a business that does not have relevant content available for ideal customers/clients to see online. For example, if you haven’t posted on your restaurants’ Facebook business page in over a year, I am going to question if you are even open anymore! People are going to check your business out on their favorite social media platforms. Make sure you actually have something good for them to see.

Personally, I would choose to buy from the business or work with the individual who has the better social media presence. I’m going to buy from the pizza shop that has video content of an order baking in the oven or photos of the new members on the restaurant staff. This creates likeability!

Content is how potential clients/customers get connected to who you are & what you do and it’s how current clients/customers stay connected with what you do.

3.) Consistency

– If you want to stand out from your competition, be consistent. Be consistent with reaching out to build relationships & get connected within the industry. Be consistent with creating educational, entertaining and engaging content across social media. Be consistent with your branding efforts from the logos, profile pictures & tag-lines to the graphic fonts & colors you use.

Consistency is equated to reliability & trust in the mind of an ideal customer/client.

Consider this, a potential buyer wants your manufacturing/creation progress to be consistent so that they know they are getting a quality scarf just like Sally Sue’s review says hers was. A potential client wants to know that your video coaching package is going to cover the same topics you taught to John Doe that helped him have the confidence to go LIVE on Facebook each week. They want to know they are getting the same or even better quality/results from you!

What is your current struggle with building an online brand? What are you stuck on? Let us know in the comments below so we can offer suggestions and create future content that will be beneficial for you.

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene