The three things you can do to become a better leader

Do you dream of becoming a better leader in your industry?

It’s not enough to simple WANT to be a better leader. You have to know WHY becoming a better leader is important to you in the first place.

Is your why so you can prove yourself better than John at work? That’s probably not the best motivator.

But, if your why is so you can serve your office at a higher level of performance, you’ve got yourself a winning mindset there.

Today, I want to share with you three helpful, tangible pieces of advice that you can start implementing today.

Become an incredible leader doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be willing to put in the consistent action to form the character & practices of an influential leader.

1.) Master your emotional awareness

– As leader, you will have to handle challenging people and difficult situations. It’s incredible vital to the success of your team, that you learn how to effectively deal with your emotions.

Emotions typically work in a three tier pattern. Your feelings will inform your thoughts, your thoughts will create behaviors and your behaviors will reinforce your feelings. This is why so many people battle with nasty habits or addictions. It’s an endless cycle if you don’t step in & put in the hard work to properly understand & recognize your emotions.

You can start becoming more emotionally aware by asking yourself some of these questions…

– What am I feeling in this moment?
– What would it be like to not react to this?
– Why am I giving this situation/person/place so much power over my reaction & mood?
– Do I need to do some more investigating into this before I respond or decide?

2.) Invest in your personal growth

– You must invest into yourself before you can even think of investing into others! Be sure you are practicing what you preach as a leader. People will want to follow someone who is authentic, committed & growing.

Here are a few ways you can invest into yourself as a leader.

– Attend a conference or workshop.
– Join your local chamber of commerce and attend networking events.
– Listen to a podcast or TedTalk.
– Hire a personal coach.

3.) Become incredibly decisive

– I love when influential leaders are able to make a decision, when the shot needs to be called. No stalling, hesitation or reluctancy. Being able to trust your gut & make the choice regardless of how much information you may or may not have, is an incredibly valuable trait. Leaders should be able to handle the outcome of a decision, even the consequences if they did end up making the wrong call.

To be more decisive in your everyday life, here a couple suggestions.

– When a colleague comes up to you with a question or suggestion, don’t make him wait for your decision. Make a choice right then and there. Be prepared to handle the outcome of your call with professionalism.

– Are you waiting to decide what project to start next? Draw strips of paper out of a hat and be 100% committed to working on whatever idea you pull out of the drawing.

– Don’t wait for your spouse to make a decision about where he/she wants to go for dinner. Pick a place in your head and drive them there, no questions asked! Haha.

Do you have a favorite quote on the topic of leadership or a leader that you admire in your industry?

Share with us in the comments below!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene