The trending searches on Google

Brand & audience building should be one of your top priorities as a business owner right now.

This is the time to double down on building our personal brands.

I like to say, “uncertainty breeds opportunity.”

You have a real chance to start building a strong foundation for your business that will result in thriving success over the years to come.

People around the world are having to adapt to a “new normal.”

People are having to figure out what their next best steps are going to be & quickly!

We have entered into another online, digital BOOM.

Businesses that have been reluctant to transition with the times & get online are experiencing a rude awakening!

One of my favorite marketing coaches, Brodie Pierson, shared recent data that blew my mind…

Look at the TOP search. Look at the ones that follow.

These are trending on Google! People are the world need to make an income and are willingly exploring new avenues to make that happen.

Forbes recently published an article that shared how internet usage is currently up 70% and streaming has increased by 12% given the uncertainty many individuals are experiencing around the world.

Here’s what I hope you see…

1.) People around the world need to be served.

– There are individuals who know they need to get their business online or are looking for online work and have no idea where to start. This is completely new territory for them! They are completely lost on what their next best steps should be. I want you to think about how you can show up as a leader & serve those people who need someone to coach & inspire them. If you’ve been working from home, using the internet & social media for years now – there is an opportunity for you to raise your hand and lead the way.

2.) People are online.

– People are on their phones, laptops & watching TV very consistently right now. This is why as a business owner, entrepreneur, creative – you need to be intentionally focusing on building your brand. Create the social media content, go LIVE, launch the course, record the podcast episodes, pitch your products/services because people are looking for things to do! They want to be entertained & educated. They have more time to consume your content! I’m sure you have the extra time to give to your business right about now too!

There is a perfect opportunity, right here & now, for you to show up & build a strong foundation for your personal & professional success.

Go make it happen.

Your friend,
Madyson Greene