What is trust & credibility?

One of our DropMock friends, Arnold Brownridge, sent me a message this week passing along a valuable quote that he thought would make a wonderful blog post conversation.

Here is what he sent to me…

In the world of business, you have probably heard the words TRUST & CREDIBILITY before.

However, what do these words actually mean?

How do we create a bond of trust with our online community?

How do we establish our credibility and get seen as the expert by our ideal clients/customers?

Why are trust and credibility rare in the market place? Why are these assets valuable?

In this blog post, we will be answering the above questions.

Trust can be defined as: “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.”

Credibility can be defined as: “the quality of being trusted and believed in.”

So in business we could break these definitions down as…

1.) Your ideal client/customer being able to confidently rely on who you are as an individual and as a business owner. The qualities that make you YOU are consistent personally and professionally. An ideal customer/client can repeatedly come back and have a familiar experience with you. Who you are online is who you are offline. If they see you at the grocery store, sure you might not be in your suit & tie from the speaking gig, but your personality is consistent. Your ideal customer/client can rely that your character, what you believe in/stand for, how you live your life/how you do work is consistent regardless of who you are with or where you are at.

2.) Your ideal client/customer trusts in your ability to deliver a quality product or service. They trust in your ability to have made a product that will better their life or in your ability to teach them X. They also trust that what you have told them about your offer is valid. That you aren’t trying to take advantage of them or line your pockets with more cash. You come from a place of service not selling. You come from a place of heart not hustle. Your education & experience gives you the ability to do a good job serving them and they know they will be taken care of by you. They trust you and they have trust in what you are offering.

3.) Your ideal client/customer sees you as a strong individual. They see you as a confident business owner. You are confident in who you are personally and in what you do professionally. They know you will help them get from Point A to Point B. They know your product will get them X result. You are strong enough, confident enough, educated enough, experienced enough to take their struggles and turn it into something of success and benefit.

Now here’s the million dollar question…

Why are trust and credibility rare in business?

I would love to hear your answers in the comments below.

My answer is: Trust & credibility are rare because most business owners do not trust themselves or believe in their education & experience that makes up their credibility. And if we can’t individually trust ourselves or see our credibility our ideal clients/customers definitely won’t!

You must trust yourself. You must see your credibility.

Trust can’t be established and credibility can’t be seen until you have it with yourself first.

When someone trusts you and sees you as a credible expert on X, they will buy your products or services. They will love buying from or working with you!

Your success is unlimited when people know, like and trust you.

It is a rare and valuable treasure to meet someone in business who is trustworthy & credible.

You do your best to be THAT business owner who has both.

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene