The type of social media content that will grow your business

You’ve heard before that to grow an active online community & reliable customers/clients, you have to create a strong know, like & trust factor.

Your community has to KNOW who you are personally & professionally.

They have to LIKE who you are.

And they have to TRUST you & your product/service enough to exchange their hard earned money for it.

In this blog post, I want to chat about the two types of content you want to be creating for social media that will help accomplish the goal of growing a strong know, like & trust factor with your community.

The content that will grow your business because of the active online community¬†& reliable customers/clients you’ve created can be called ” The Winning C’s. “

The first C is CREDIBILITY.

The second C is CONNECTION.

1.) Credibility Content

– You want to establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry! You need to believe that you are THE expert that people want to come to for the specific PROBLEM you SOLVE for them. Credibility content is about “showing off” the leader within you & what you do as a business owner on the professional side of things.

Credibility content could look like…

– Quotes that you’ve created
– Clips from your speaking engagements
– Photos with your coaches & mentors
– Client/customer testimonials/reviews
– Podcast, Radio, TV interview clips
– BTS of your work day

2.) Connection Content

– We’ve talked frequently about adding more of YOU to your business. That is what connection content is about! People want to know about the everyday man or woman behind the brand. Who are you when work is done for the day? What do you believe in? What are you standards? What do you like/dislike? Who do you spend your time with? What made you start this business?

Connection content could look like…

– Telling life lessons & business stories
– Life updates
– Photos with your family & friends
– Giving out reviews for your favorite companies to buy products from or coaches who’s services you’ve used
– Q&A videos, polls & contests
– BTS of your daily life

Which type of content do you have more or less of? You want to have a healthy balance between the two!

Remember, you want your ideal customers or clients to think…

I know this person.
I like this person.
I trust this person.

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Your friend,
Madyson Greene