The types of video features on the Instagram platform

Instagram is a powerful platform you can utilize to grow your online business.

There are many valuable features inside of the platform that you can use to create, share and grow.

In this blog post, I want to share with you the various video features that are available for you to use on the app.

Video is the best way to establish your credibility and make a strong connection with your ideal clients/customers.

Here is what the Instagram platform offers for video purposes…


– This feature is where you can show temporary content. The video (or even photo) content that you post on your story is visible for 24 hours before it disappears. If you want to keep the content, you can save it to a highlight, which is like a folder on your profile. Each story slide is 15 seconds in length. You can post four video slides at a time.


– This feature is like Facebook LIVE, except it is done in vertical style. (up/down not side to side) You can go live for up to four hours. You can share the content as a replay onto your IGTV channel, so it’ll remain on your profile in an evergreen way just like how your FB lives stay on your feed. Recently, they added the ability to use a design/face filter during your LIVE stream.

3.) IGTV

– This feature is Instagram’s version of YouTube. However, the content is mostly vertical video, though you can upload horizontal content. For most profiles, your IGTV videos have a limit of ten minutes in length. Like mentioned above, you can also share your live stream as a replay to your IGTV channel.


– You can post up to a sixty second/one minute video onto your Instagram feed/profile. Film a video and upload it directly or make a sharable video graphic. (tutorial below) Your followers will be able to like, comment, share and save like they would for any photo.

Read more on this feature here.


– This is the latest video feature on the platform. Reels are thirty second videos. It is Instagram’s version of TikTok! Like IGTV, the reels content has their own tab/section on the app. This is a great video feature to organically reach new ideal clients/customers. You can make a mix of educational or entertaining reels. I do like that on IG reels you can write a lengthy caption unlike on the TikTok platform.


What questions do you have about the video features on the Instagram platform? Leave us a comment below.

Happy filming & instagramming!

Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene