What should be on my business card?

A business card allows you to quickly & possibly effectively connect with potential customers, clients & opportunities.

Traditionally, business cards are used to convey who you are & what you do to a new connection and leave the door open for a possible exchange of value between both individuals.

In this blog post, you’ll find a helpful list of what you should include on your business card design.

If you want to hear more about business card pro’s and con’s, you can watch this video from Jamie & Madyson.

Your Business Card Should Have…

1.) Colors consistent to your brand

– Keep your branding consistent, even onto your business cards. Think of these cards as an extension of your brand & a tool for your brand to reach more people. Use the same colors that you have on places like your website or graphic designs.

2.) A profile photo that matches your social media platforms

РYou want people to easily recognize your brand. If they see your face on social media, will they remember you from the business card? Or are both photos completely different and years old? Keep it consistent & easy for ideal customers and clients to find you online.

3.) Your name & title

– Who are you & what do you do? Most people put this near or next to their profile photo.

An example could be…

Jamie Ohler – CEO of DropMock
Madyson Greene – Certified Life Coach

4.) Your tagline, mission or I help statement

– If this is someone’s first time meeting you, they won’t know much about you. Does your business card help them get clarity about the guy or gal they just met? Why are you in business? What does your company exist for? Who do you help? How can you help them?

5.) Your basic contact information

РThis traditional information is usually a website link, telephone number & email address.

6.) Your social media handles

– An absolute must for 2020. I am sure most people you give your business cards to will follow you on Instagram before they give you a phone call. Include your favorite or most active platforms on your card.

7.) A call to action

– To make your business card stand out, what could you inspire the reader to take action on after meeting you? Could you make your business card a special coupon? Could you let them know about a sale? Promote an event? They are more likely to keep your card if there is something in it for them or something they want to remember.

Do you have business cards? Do you love to use them, why or why not?

If you would like, share a photo of your business card in the comments below. I would love to take a look!

Your friend,
Madyson Greene