What’s coming next for online marketing?

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With 90 days left in this decade and before year 2020 hits, I wanted to dig up some research about what’s coming next for online marketing.

I watched a keynote speech given by Neil Patel, (which I will link below for you) and decided to save you some time and share a few key takeaways from his speech!

“The future of online marketing will be a combination of the most successful techniques of the past mixed with the growing need to personalize everything.” – Neil Patel

If you’re ready to find out about the future, keep on reading.

1.) Marketing is going onmi-channel (7:43 of keynote speech)

2.) User metrics are the key to beating Google (18:34 of keynote speech)

3.) You have to focus on branding (23:01 of keynote speech)

4.) Conventional CRO techniques won’t work well (31:05 of keynote speech)

5.) To win, you’ll have to think like a winner. (36:10 of keynote speech)

To find out more, feel free to watch Neil’s video by clicking here.

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