3 ways to work your confidence

Are you feeling insecure and not confident with yourself as a business owner?

Are you feeling stuck and uncomfortable with where you’re at?

In this blog post, I’m sharing three ways to work on your confidence this week.

1.) Go live on Facebook and/or Instagram

– Going live on social media is an excellent way to build confidence within yourself and it increases the confidence that an ideal client/customer has in you. When you go live, it requires you to show up as an expert and provide value to the viewers. It pushes you outside of your comfort zone and makes you practice your craft. It tests your knowledge and experience. It improves your ability to communicate effectively. When you take on a challenge like live streaming, you not only work your own confidence muscle but your viewers start to have more confidence in who you are and what you do because they see you showing up as an authority figure. As you improve your live videos, they will see your improvement along the way. Their confidence in the value you provide will increase the more you show up and take credible action.

2.) Get the project(s) done

– What have you been putting off? What have you been wanting or even needing to get done (because you know it will really benefit your business) but haven’t actually set aside the necessary time to do? If you want to feel more confident as a business owner, you need to get the work done that will have a valuable payoff in the long run. For example, I have a coaching client who wanted to create a better system for the new people who joined her fitness team. It was really weighing her down and preventing progress to have this idea constantly on her mind but doing nothing about it. Well just this week, she finished uploading all of the files for her new on-boarding system. And you know what she told me? She now feels confident in her ability to take care of new people who join her team because she has a plan in place to take care of them. By completing this project that she had been putting off, she texted me saying that getting it done helped her get out of the “writers block” that had her stuck. Getting this big project done has inspired her to get another big one done! She’s feeling confident in her abilities as a business owner again because she got done what was weighing her down and making her feel insecure.

3.) Talk to the people you actually don’t want to talk to

– What other business owners in your industry have you been avoiding connecting with? Usually these are people that you are jealous of in some way and so you try to avoid connecting with them because of the emotions they might bring up in you. However, if you really want to improve your confidence – talk to the people that you’re not confident talking to right now. Maybe there is someone who is making more money than you doing the same thing that you do and that makes you feel insecure. Why don’t you send them a message and ask what has helped them the most to increase their income? Your ego won’t like that you are reaching out to them, but your business will thank you if you apply what they share with you! Second, talk to the ideal clients/customers that you’re usually nervous to connect with. Start the process of sending a message or email to them or engaging with their social media content. In order to increase your confidence you need to do the things that you are not confident about doing! This includes talking to people that make you nervous. Eventually, you’ll be able to talk with fellow business owners and ideal clients/customers without much worry, but right now you have to build that confidence by doing it even if it makes you uncomfortable.


Take action on these three things to improve your confidence as a business owner!

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Producing Proud People,
Madyson Greene